VoIP Telephony

VoIP, or Voice over IP, is a cost-effective approach to telephony that is not bound to a physical landline, nor a physical location by virtue of the slashtech PBX solution being hosted entirely in the cloud. This makes the setup and use of the system as simple as it can be, and can be scaled for any size business from a small company with just a handful of phones to companies with hundreds of extensions.

As this is an internet-based protocol, calls can be made over any reliable internet connection and although we recommend the use of VoIP desktop phones to ensure consistent call quality, we also support app-based softphones on both Android and iOS devices (subject to/dependent on the quality of your mobile connection).

slashtech's cloud-based solution is available in three different packages, all with a fixed monthly cost that includes one external number. You only pay for the calls you make and for any additional external numbers (only available on the Regular VoIP package). Features applicable to each package carry no additional costs over the monthly cost.

Included with our Regular VoIP package is an unlimited number of extensions, full itemised billing, call queues, IVR (Integrated Voice Responses), time-of-day rules, announcements, ring groups, voicemail, call recordings (approx. 5000 hours included), speed dials and fax2email. This is our most-used package where almost any configuration is possible.

The Small package allows for up to 8 extensions and includes full itemised billing, voicemail and call recordings, speed dials and fax2email. This is perfect for a small office where you don't need many extensions or additional features.

Our Basic package is perfect for home use or for a home office where all you require is a single number and itemised billing with no additional features.

Existing geographic numbers (012, 011, 021, etc.) can be ported over (subject to a few small caveats), but unfortunately legislation does not allow for 087 numbers to be ported at this time.

If you already have a VoIP phone, chances are it can be reconfigured to work on our platform. Otherwise, we can also supply you with a range of new Yealink phones or, if you would prefer to use an app-based softphone, we recommend Zoiper for the majority of installations.

VoIP Packages
Internal Extensions18
External Number111
Number Porting
Additional Numbersavailable
Per-second Billing
Itemised Billing
Speed Dials
Call Recordings5000 hours5000 hours
Call Queues
Time-of-day rules
Ring Groups
Softphone App
Price /monthR75.00R120.00R345.00
Yealink Phones

Through our internal testing of various brands of phones, we have settled on Yealink as our preferred brand due to its ease of configurability, superb features and a wide range of phone models. There is a phone to suite every requirement from simple desktop phones for regular staff and call centres, phones for reception/switchboard use and phones for use in conference rooms of varying sizes.

Screen Size2.3"2.7"7"3.7"4.3"7"2.4"3.1"3.1"5"
Colour Screen
Touch Screen
Line Keys36810000
Ethernet2x 1Gbps2x 1Gbps2x 1Gbps2x 1Gbps2x 1Gbps2x 1Gbps100Mbps100Mbps100Mbps100Mbps
2.4GHz WiFi
5GHz WiFi
USB Port
HeadsetRJ-9RJ-9 & USBRJ-9 & USBRJ-9 & USBRJ-9 & USBRJ-9 & USB
3-way Conference
Expansion Module