PostgreSQL Support

Whether you need specialised resourcing or additional capability to augment and assist your current staff, slashtech can provide various PostgreSQL services including administration, monitoring, performance tuning, auditing and general consulting.

We specialise in remote database administration as well as general Linux system administration. A stock install of your operating system will work, but it will likely not be the most optimal to get the best performance out of your database. Our databases administration packages are tailored to your specific needs and for what's best for your environment.

Performing a performance, configuration and security audit and advising and actioning a plan to best tune your database is necessary for any production database, not only as a once-off effort but on a regular basis as your data grows and changes. With the sheer magnitude of settings to configure within a PostgreSQL database, tuning a database just right takes unique insights and experience and with some settings being potentially harmful if misconfigured, this isn't something you necessarily want to tackle on your own.

While performing administration and auditing tasks on your database, we will liaise with your development team in the event we identify anything that can and should be optimised from a query perspective to edge out the best possible performance for your database.

If you're worried about the safety of your data, we can guide you toward the best data replication and high availability design for your particular database design and workload. Replication strategies for cold, warm and hot failover all have a place and we will help you determine the right one for you and assist with the implementation and configuration.

In the (hopefully) unlikely event you encounter a critical error with your database, slashtech also provides 24/7 emergency support to anyone running PostgreSQL. Although some failures can simply not be recovered from, we will endeavour to get you back up and running with as little data loss as is practical. If we are taking care of the administration and monitoring of your database, we will do our utmost to help you prevent these scenarios from happening in the first place.

slashtech offers all our clients assistance with sound database design, the migration of data from other databases to PostgreSQL and other related PostgreSQL services.

In addition to this, slashtech also does general consulting on all PostgreSQL and Linux considerations.

Database Administration
Day-to-day maintenance
Security updates
Version upgrade
Database Monitoring
24/7 metric monitoring
Autovacuum performance
Transaction rollover
Performance Tuning
Optimise DB configuration
Optimise OS configuration
Query/index tuning
Configuration Audits
Database configuration
Security configuration
Replication & Backups
Hot/Warm/Cold data replication
Archive retention
Offsite backups
High Availability
Data redundancy
Load balancing
Emergency Support
24/7 on-call DBA
Data restoration
Database Design
Table structure
Query optimisation
Data redundancy
Database deployments
Data migration
PostgreSQL extensions